Radical Orations on Art, Activism & Education

Radical Orations on Art, Activism, and Education was developed in April 2008 following an online conversation about our experiences as artists, activists, and educators. Participants included Heath Schultz, Meredith Warner, Jeremy Beaudry, and Katie Hargrave.

As part of an ongoing conversation on art, activism, and education, we present documentation of radical educational texts broadcast throughout Philadelphia, Boston, and Chicago in the style of public orations. The orations are sited in the location of each individual participant, documented, combined, and distributed in this pamphletRadical Orations on Art, Activism & Education was publicly presented by the Bureau of Open Culture in its Agency for Small Claims series of exhibitions during August and September of 2009.

The live interventions draw on the history of the street corner soapbox as a form of sited, distributable education. The documentation presented here intends to combine the temporal, performative, educational, and site-specific nature of the project into a (re)distributable form. In particular, the remixing of the audio documentation is an assemblage of the orations in content and context. This editing down attempts to create connections between both the content of the radical educational texts and the ambient aural experience of the three distinct urban locations where the oration occurred.

Also important here is the prelude conversation that led us to this experimental project. This ongoing conversation is as important as this project. As you will see from our conversation, we believe our learning process is integral in a continual praxis dedicated to emancipatory education, critical discourse, and strategies for resistance.

Download the accompanying reader → 23 Readings on Art, Activism & Education

Radical Oration of Public Education (DICP)

Radical Oration 01: Henry Giroux, “When Hope is Subversive” (DIM)

radical oration pt 1 – paulo freire (DITE)

Radical Oration 01: Pauo Freire “Pedagogy of Freedom” (DIF)