Who We Are

The Think Tank that has yet to be named is a social practice and artistic research studio. We initiate research, conversations, and actions that explore contemporary sociopolitical issues in the places where we encounter them. Whether physical sites, institutional structures, or social systems, we address these contexts as manifestations of models and metaphors that inescapably impact our lives. We draw on our experience with direct action, participatory design, action research, and community organizing to create generative spaces where strategic questions are invitations to others to consider their relationship to the places, structures, and systems which shape our individual and collective experiences of the world.

Jeremy Beaudry is a founding member of the Think Tank that has yet to be named. He works in and between the fields of socially-engaged art, design, and education, and has lectured and publicly presented projects in national and international venues. He is an an Experience Design Strategist at the University of Vermont Medical Center.http://boxwith.com

Katie Hargrave is a socially engaged artist interested in constructing and deconstructing systems as broad as politics, history, our built environment, and learning systems. She is currently based in Chattanooga, TN, where is is an assistant professor of art at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga. http://katiehargrave.us

Meredith Warner is a multidisciplinary artist who recently relocated to Vermont from Philadelphia, and is a founding member of the Think Tank that has yet to be named. With a background in community organizing and strategic nonviolence, her work is focused on community engagement and the design of tools for conversation.

The Think Tank has been shaped through the contributions of many individuals throughout its history. Past collaborators include:

The Think Tank that has yet to be named thrives on collaboration with other individuals and organizations. Contact us at hello@wearethethinktank.org.