23 Readings on Art, Activism & Education: Think Tank Reader Vol. III

23 Readings on Art, Activism and Education was developed as Volume III of the Think Tank's reader series in April 2008. It was created in conjuction with the Radical Orations project as a way to further explore the spaces between art, activism, and education. This reader was created by Heath Schultz, Meredith Warner, Jeremy Beaudry, and Katie Hargrave.

This reader was created in conjunction with Radical Orations on Art, Activism & Education, and established a baseline of research interrogating the relationship between art, activism, and education according to contemporary and historical perspectives. As important was an initial email exchange which set the terms of the reader and the subsequent Radical Orations project. This preliminary conversation gives some insight into a collective learning process that is dedicated to emancipatory education, critical discourse, and strategies for resistance. This project was publicly presented by the Bureau of Open Culture in its Agency for Small Claims series of exhibitions during August and September of 2009.

Download the reader → 23 Readings on Art, Activism & Education