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Structures of Support: Health and Healthcare

A version of our ongoing Structures of Support project that focuses on health and healthcare for an exhibition titled "Take Care" at Weinberg/Newton Gallery.

Structures of Support is an ongoing, multi-phase project. Our goal is to develop a clearer understanding of how our support structures are created and maintained, and how we might then work to build more resilient and robust support structures in the future. We were invited to participate in an exhibition “Take Care” at Weinberg/Newton Gallery in Chicago to explore how health and healthcare are reflected in our experiences of having and/or lacking support. Healthcare, we have found, can hold within it both empowering and diminishing experiences.

The Think Tank that has yet to be named always begins our work with research. For this project, we used multiple methods of data collection to seek out experiences of the healthcare system, feelings about health, and questions about support networks. The individual responses and narratives become the backbone of our visualizations. The work is a sensemaking exploration through which we invite you to explore the experiences of others. We hope you can see yourself within and in contrast to responses. In understanding where we stand, and where others stand, we hope we can work together to create more robust structures of support.

Click here to complete the Structures of Support Healthcare survey.

Weinberg/Newton Gallery has a unique model. This exhibition is organized in partnership with the Metropolitan Chicago Breast Cancer Task Force and aims to shed light on systemic barriers to quality healthcare through the lens of breast cancer. This group exhibition explores themes of care and community, vulnerability and support by way of painting, photography, immersive sound, and text. An array of interactive programming, including screenings, panel discussions, and more, will take place over the course of the exhibition. Artists include Indira Allegra, Laura Berger, Joan Giroux, and The Think Tank that has yet to be named

Visualizing the Structures of Support (Prototype)

One of the goals of the Structures of Support work is to give people the opportunity to understand and visualize their own personal support structures — the people and resources they have or do not have. We’ve developed a questionnaire, conducted interviews, created a large-scale community assets map, and had many conversations with this goal in mind. In our installation of the work at the University of Minnesota, we began to explore the utility of providing people with more physical, three-dimensional tools to help understand the nuances of the structures of support. And now, we’ve begun to prototype and test a set of building pieces that allows participants to model their support structures and see where these are strong, but also weak. Check out some documentation of one of the early tests of this tool here.