Structures of Support – We need your help!


No one makes it through life entirely on her own. Holding up each of us is a structure of support that helps us maintain and nourish our quality of life. Some people have a robust, healthy support structure — so healthy that they are almost unaware of it. Others’ support structures are weak, unhealthy, even non-existent, and that lack of support often puts them at risk.

We want to develop a clearer understanding of how our support structures are created and maintained, and how we might then work to build more resilient and robust support structures in the future. We also want to break the mythology of bootstrapping that is so prevalent today and so embedded in the dominant narrative of our culture. In pursuing these questions, we need your help.

Based on our recent research and thinking, we have developed a survey which explores support structures — both personal and institutional. As the first step in a multi-phase project, this survey will provide us a baseline of data and stories. We imagine this information laying the groundwork for future workshops, visualizations, and conversations that probe our structures of support. In the survey we ask questions in four categories: Self Support, Space & Place, Others in your Life, and Quality of Life. Help us by taking fifteen minutes to share your story. All responses are voluntary and will be kept confidential.

To complete the Structures of Support survey, please follow this link.