We Are The Think Tank that has yet to be named

Over the last year, we have spent a considerable amount of time mining our history and discussing the possible futures of our collaboration. This website redesign and a reinvigorated practice are the results of that exploration. We are excited to begin working on new projects that continue to investigate complex sociopolitical issues through research, conversations, and actions.

This new website is also a nod to our past. The Think Tank began in 2006, and though our concerns have remained somewhat constant, the working structure and membership of the Think Tank has varied over our 6+ years. With this redesign we have removed the directorship titles, allowing visibility of our past collaborators in a way that we hope honors the challenging and enlightening perspectives they brought to our practice.

We can’t wait to share our developing projects with you. Take a look around. Join our mailing list. We hope you’ll be in touch.